Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How To Explain My Name

"If names are not correct, language will not be in accordance with the truth of things." 
 - Confucius

DH keeps telling me that I need to explain the name of my blog, "Come Over For Coffee: We'll Talk". So here's the explanation - 

I love my house. It's cute and cozy - the furnishings are nice, but not too nice; we have picnics in the living room and do projects on the dining room table. But my house is more than just a home. 

DH and I decided, when we bought it, that we wanted our house to have a mission. We wanted it to be a "soft place to land" for everyone who walks through the doors. That sounds great in theory. But putting it into practice was a different matter altogether. What would it look like to offer someone a "soft place to land" in our home?

Then one day I invited a friend over for coffee. Her kids played with my kids. She and I sat at the kitchen table and talked over coffee and cookies. We didn't talk about anything major - just what was going on in our lives.  The next day she texted me and said that she really enjoyed being at my house. She said she felt completely comfortable to be herself knowing I wouldn't judge her. That was it!! That is what DH and I had been after. 

Since that day, many women have been at my kitchen table, patio table, or living room couch. Over coffee, we have discussed a wide range of topics: from skinny jeans to real marital issues. God has done some real work in my life and in the lives of those who come over for coffee. I have learned so much from the women who have entrusted their coffee-time to me! 

That is the long version of how my blog got its name. I don't have all the answers to life's problems, but anything I've learned along the way is yours for the asking. I have a Keurig and a huge assortment of K-cups. I have a cozy kitchen table and a listening ear. 

So come over for coffee! We'll talk.


  1. That is sooo awesome!Hubby and I feel like that and long for that soo much! Right now we are living in an apartment... it's very nice but small and with very "interesting" neighbors living right underneath us... when our 3yr. old WALKS they say we are making too much noise... so being here we are usually SITTING around! But we pray and hope we can have our own home soon! Where we can have friends come over... and always feel welcome into our home! :) So nice! Love the name even more!

    1. Annoying apartment neighbors can be rough! I'm sorry. If you didn't live so far, you could bring your 3 year old over to run free in my yard.

    2. Wouldn't that be awesome??? And you and I could have a cup of coffee ;)

  2. I love it! It is always great to know the story behind the titles!

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