Monday, February 26, 2018

A Marriage/Valentine's Day Post - only two weeks overdue - Two Marriage Lessons I'm Learning Along Our 20 Years

I was doing so well posting every week. And I was having fun! Then the wheels fell off. My family all got the flu. I don't know how anyone else does life, but sick kids and being sick myself was all I could handle. Then by the time we were finally all better and the boys all went back to school, I was so intimidated at the idea of making another video that I just kept putting it off. I finally gave myself a stern talking to. I was being ridiculous. I could talk to Instagram about anything (InstaStories are a super fun outlet for me and are usually my random thoughts about life or me confessing the insane moments of my day). If I can talk to the world on Instagram, why am I having such a hard time with these blog videos? What's the mental block? Turns out, I was just taking it all too seriously - the setting, my hair, the topic, the wording - all of it. So stupid!! I'm not a professional. I'm just a girl, trying to encourage other girls, as we all walk through this crazy life of ours.

So with all of my ridiculous thoughts out there for you to read, here is my video about marriage - finally. I meant for it to come out for Valentine's Day. I just got in my own way. As you watch this and hear about two lessons I'm learning, it's important to know that when Drew and I first started dating, our friends thought we were kidding. We were such opposites that they thought the whole thing was a joke! Through the years, Drew and I have learned how to work together better in spite of our differences - but none of that learning came smoothly or easily. When two first born, strong headed individuals get married, there are no boring lessons :-) We still have much to learn, even after 20 years of marriage, but we have come a LONG way!

Back during my blogging days, I wrote a post about how our differences make each other's lives richer. You can read it here: He's The String To My Kite


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