Monday, March 26, 2018

I Just Bought New Spring Napkins, and They Prompted This Vlog :-)

I'm freshly home from a shopping trip that has me giddy over new spring napkins - so silly, I know. But the next revelation is what prompted this vlog - the family budget we established for March gave me complete freedom to make an admittedly frivolous purchase. So here is my vlog on the joy of having a budget and the super simple method of putting it together.

I'm admittedly not the best voice on budgeting. One of my favorites is Rachel Cruze. She has a great YouTube channel, and I highly recommend her! Here is her video on putting together a budget. The tool Rachel uses in her video is EveryDollar. I use it every day! Drew and I both have it on our phones and use it to keep ourselves on track and make sure we are following the budget we wrote before the month started. You can find it at and in the AppStore.

Here is a picture of the napkins that started all of this :-) Don't they go perfectly with the plate? Can't you see why I just had to have them? Thank God for the budget!! 


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