Monday, September 17, 2012

Want To Hear About A Strange Tradition In Our House?

Family traditions counter alienation and confusion. They help us define who we are; they provide something steady, reliable and safe in a confusing world.
 - Susan Lieberman

We are all Philadelphia Eagles football fans in our house. DH and I really enjoy watching football together and as our boys have grown, we have passed our love of Eagles football on to them. Now, when football season starts each fall, we celebrate as a family. I have instituted what we like to call Eagle Day. It occurs the day of the first home Eagles game of each season.

Since games are on Sunday, our celebration doesn't start until we get home from church. The first thing we do when we get home is change into whatever Eagle gear we happen to have - each of us owns quite a collection of Eagles t-shirts, jerseys, hats, etc. Then DH  starts making lunch while the boys and I get the living room ready for TV watching and lunch eating.  Our lunch consists of traditional Philly foods - cheese steaks, Herrs potato chips, and Tasty Kakes. If you have to ask what any of those things are, you really need to visit Philly soon! You are missing out.

We sit down to eat our lunch and watch the game together. As the boys grow, our football watching experience has changed some.

When they were babies, we would sit on the floor and entertain them with baby toys during the game. And we had to be careful not to cheer to loudly - I've made each of them cry at least once when I yelled at the TV (yes, I really get into my football).

Now that they are a little bit older, we can explain the game and enjoy their responses to the plays. They know some of the major players and are starting to understand the basic fundamentals of the game.

It's so funny to hear us all cheer together when they score or groan in unison when our quarterback throws an interception.

What would a celebration be without presents?
So now, we've eaten a Philly lunch and cheered on our Eagles through the first half of the game.

At half time, we do presents!

Yes, Eagle Day involves gifts. I know, right! So fun!!

Everyone gets an Eagles themed gift - a lunchbox, a new shirt, trading cards, etc. The gifts are always a hit.

Then we go back to the game. The boys eventually tire of the drama that comes with being an Eagles fan - it's never smooth sailing - and wander outside to play. DH and I watch the rest of the game in relative peace and quiet.

What's the point of Eagle Day? An excuse to give presents? A way to justify watching football? A chance to eat lunch in front of the TV?

For us, Eagle Day is a way to make a memory. Traditions are part of what makes life special. It's part of bonding a family together and making childhood a wonderful time. It's also something that makes our family unique.

"We celebrate Eagle Day. It's just how we roll at my house. What do you celebrate at your house?"

So what do you celebrate? Do you have a special day in your house? Something that's unique to you and yours? If you do, I would love to hear about it!

If you don't have any unique days yet, consider starting one. What special thing does your whole family love? How can you make a tradition out of that thing?

If we didn't have Eagle Day, I think we would have to celebrate "Talk Like A Pirate Day" every year. Now that I think about it, maybe we should add that one to our list . . . . .


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