Saturday, December 8, 2018

A Thankful Post - Two Weeks Late :-)

Making cookies - in my pjs -
doesn't everyone?
I know I’m a few days late on the “I’m thankful for . . .” post, and I’m gonna weird it out even further by being thankful for a room in my house (don’t fuss at me - yes, I’m thankful for my family and all the normal stuff - keep reading). I’m thankful for my kitchen. And chocolate chip cookies. Yup. That’s weird, I know. But both items have been my sanity-savers over the last 3.5 years as I’ve dealt with traumatic brain injury. If you are looking for me on almost any day, you will find me in my kitchen. And I'm probably making chocolate chip cookies.

The kitchen island where all those
cookies get made
Baking has become my favorite therapeutic outlet - it’s a great way to gently stretch my brain, engage in something creative, and love on those around me (finding a way to contribute to the world when I spend so much time at home has been absolutely vital to me). In God’s perfect timing, a major remodel of our kitchen was finished just a few months before the accident that caused my brain injury. God knew what was coming and made sure I had what I would need in the toughest season of my life. He’s good like that.

Side note:

Yes, God knew I was going to fall.
Yes, God knew it was going to change my life in many ways - some of them very painful.
Yes, He could have prevented my fall.
No, I don’t know why He didn’t prevent all that I have gone through.


I do know that God loves me - more than I can imagine.
I know that He is good, and He will bring good from this.
His Word promises these things.
I know He is a God I can trust.
He has been faithful - SO faithful to me - all my life.
I can look back over my 43 years and see Him at work in my life time and time again.

Because I know He loves me, and because I know He’s trustworthy, I can trust Him in this situation too.
He will work it for my good.
He will heal me at the right time. His time.
In the mean time, He will walk beside me as I deal with this injury and all it involves, giving me His strength, brand new, for each day.
And He is ready to catch my tears when they fall, hear my honest (sometimes angry) questions, and occasionally, even send answers.
He is a good God.

A box of cookies with my
very own label on it - my
sister designed this label
and had them printed up
for me
On that note, back to the kitchen 🙂 Early on, brain rest got really boring, so I watched a ton of Food Network. That got my creative juices flowing, and I ended up in the kitchen when I felt up to it. I tried so many different recipes. My family was thrilled with all my experimenting, and I was happy to have a gentle way to engage my mind. Not using your brain is dull and boring!! Over the course of a year or so, I landed on a chocolate cookie recipe that was pretty decent. I played with it over a few months and tweaked it to make it my own. Then one day I decided to put a bunch of those cookies in a cute container and send them to Jazz Band with Aaron. Just like that, my new “thing” was born.

Here we are a few years later. My boxes of chocolate chip cookies have gone to the school district offices to help lift their spirits during snow season. Boxes have been delivered to the middle school - who needs cookies more than middle school teachers and office staff? Boxes greet marching band in the stands every Friday night as they support the football team. And the high school football, basketball, and track teams all get boxes after games/meets. Young Life leaders take home bags of cookies, and some preschool teachers have found them in their staff room during meetings.

Why am I telling you this? I sound so boastful! “Look at all the people I’ve given cookies too! I’m awesome!” No!! Look at what God did!! He gave me a kitchen. He helped me find a recipe that I could tweak. He helped me find a way to contribute to my community (when I desperately needed one) even though I need to spend most of my time at home. He gives me ideas of who to send cookies to. He helped my sister and I find the cute boxes. He gave my sister the fun idea of making up labels for my boxes just to make them cute, and to make those who receive them feel special. And every time I make a batch of dough, it’s because God has given me the physical and mental strength to do it. This is His story. I’m so honored to be able to tell it!

God is using a simple chocolate chip cookie to spread His love around my little town. Teenagers know they are loved. Adults know they are loved. God is doing that. He just lets me be the hands in the kitchen. And you know who is benefiting the most?? ME! I get to be the delivery girl and see the smiles on their faces. I get the “thank you” hugs. I get the therapeutic outlet of baking. I’m so thankful for my kitchen, chocolate chip cookies, and a God who lets me play a part in His story.


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