Saturday, July 7, 2012

Remembering an Ancient Ritual

"There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship. "
  - Thomas Aquinas

We're too smokin' for this blog!
Today I'm reminiscing about an ancient ritual - Girls Night Out. I say ancient because I haven't experienced it in a very long time. As I remember it, a bunch of girl friends leave their homes (and husbands and children) and go somewhere for fun, usually food, and great conversation. At least that's the fuzzy memory in my mind. It's been too long since I had time out with the girls. As I sit here missing them, my mind goes to what it is about friendship that I appreciate so much. 

I went through a friendship drought a few years back. 

When DH and I first moved to this town, we didn't' know anyone! It took us some time, but we made a few really good friends. We made "couple friends". You know those. That friendship where the wives are friends, the husbands are friends, and, as couples, everyone gets along. It's the best kind of relationship!

DH and I had very close "couples friends". We did everything together - even when we didn't mean to. We bought houses down the block from each other, within months of each other, completely without intending to. We each brought pets into our homes - cats. Then we had babies within months of each other - all boys. It just kept going like that. Both families growing through life together. We spent New Years together and watched Super Bowls together. We celebrated kids' birthdays together and went on double dates together. 

Then they moved. It was such a sad day in our lives. There went my friend. Now who would I talk to? 

That friendship drought went on for a long time. It was a very rough patch for me. 

I made other friends - I'm a very social person. But it takes a while for me to really open up. I kept at it; trying to make new friends and being on the lookout for someone who could be a "real" friend.

It took some time. Real friendship takes work. But I can say now that I have been blessed with some very special ladies in my life. These friends are the "call at 4am in an emergency" kind. They are the "I know I've lost my mind. Please help me put it back together." friends. I have some wonderful "I just need to laugh. Don't ask me any hard questions." friends. 

It took work to build new friendships. Anyone who thinks friends should just fall into their lap is sadly confused. Calendars have to be rearranged. Plans have to be made. Phone calls/texts/emails need to be exchanged. And hearts have to be put at risk. Over and over. 

The bonds of friendship are forged in the fires of life (that's pretty deep, and I made it up myself).We have to be open about the fires we are dealing with and willing to accept a hand to hold as we walk through those fires. 

Not really us jumping.
I miss my girls. It's been too long since we had time together. I need them. I need their laughter, their support, their understanding, and their unconditional love. 

I'm so blessed to have such good friends!

If you are one of the ladies I'm talking about, thank you! My life is richer because you are in it!

Linking up with Calm My Crazy today, because my friends do calm my crazy! According To Denise


  1. Sounds like time to organize that girls night out :)

  2. I remember that day, too! :(

    1. I'm not surprised that you figured that one out. That sad day was followed by another sad day. I miss you friend!!

  3. Dawn what a nice post. I've moved around a lot and know it can be tough to make not just friends but "kindred spirits" (yep I just quoted Anne of Green Gables :). Sounds like you're due for a girls night.

    1. I love that quote! It just explains things so neatly. I'm definitely due for that girls night. Thank you for stopping by!


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