Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Blogging and Summer Don't Mix

"The right thing, at the wrong time, is the wrong thing."
 - My Dad

I love blogging. I really do enjoy it! I pretend I'm at my patio table with a cup of coffee and you - my new friends. I pretend that we are chatting about whatever comes to mind and enjoying time together.

But blogging takes time. Getting my thoughts in a straight line in a way that makes sense isn't always easy. So it takes me a little bit to sit down with the topic and try to put my thoughts together well.

Lately, I'm short on time. It's summer, so all my boys are home. Because of how we do summer here (my thoughts on summer with kids), I am constantly surrounded by my men - not a bad way to live :-) But this pattern severely limits my time to sit and type up witty blogs.

I want to blog. Blogging takes time.

I want to be a very involved mom. That takes lots of time.

I only have so much time.

My kids are more of a priority than blogging.

So blogging is suffering. Ugh.

Don't worry. My brain is full of fun blogging ideas (I get my best ideas in the shower). I'm not going to quit blogging. I fully intend grow this blog into bloggy awesomeness. But the awesomeness may not come until September. Stay tuned!


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